The Renaissance Festival

Yesterday I went to the Renaissance Festival of Kansas City, which is actually in Bonner Springs. Got there early enough to watch their opening act before they let everyone into the festival. I wish there were more things to do that you didn't have to pay money for, but it still is an awesome place to go and see. I went to a hookah shop and got some funky monkey coca and blue beard tobacco. I do not smoke cigarettes but I would definitely smoke flavored tobacco out a hookah everyday. It gives this calm relaxing feel and you have a little high going on in your head. If you haven't been you should try it at least once, I plan to attend every year now. Just a side note here I am 18(keep in mind the beard) and was never once asked for my ID, yes there is beer and wine there. Not that those two before mentioned items relate to one another just found it interesting.

If that doesn't get you excited there are all kinds a women there dressing up that work there and those that are doing it for fun. I saw more red heads there than I have ever seen in my life. So to conclude go to the renaissance festival, smoke tobacco, drink what you like, look at bitches with their boobs pressed up, talk to redheads and Asians(if your me), buy cool clothing, weapons, and accessories.


  1. I'm not sure they wore halter tops in medieval times but I'm totally cool with them reinterpreting history that way.