Adsense Banned

Well I guess there was invalid click activity on my page, so they have banned my account. I removed their ads and have sent an appeal form to hopefully get my account back. Besides that I finally got a washer so we won't have to go to the laundry mat anymore.


Damn Aunt

So this bitch tells me she is finally getting her shit out of my room. I am at my brothers, so in the process of getting her boxes of shit out she steals my seashells, my bamboo seeds, and does a nice general search in my room for other things to take. Come home next day, get in room and see shit moved around and don't care. You see she goes through my room occasionally to make sure there isn't stuff she doesn't like in there. So I just go to sleep, but over the past few days I noticed that she has been taken things that I own and she has no right over them. So I ask her about the seashells, because she does have her own and they were in my room so I understood that she thought they were hers. So I ask and she says she didn't take them, that they must have fell. I got mad right there because I had already looked around the general area and I am OCD so I fucking know where I put my shit. I didn't feel like pursuing it any further than that because the women in my family when trapped by their own logical fallacies resort to yelling and threatening to call the cops on you. So I just go back to my room and notice that my fucking bamboo seeds are gone. The next day, today actually I asked about 20 minutes ago was were are my seeds. She looks at me like I did something wrong and then stated "The pot seeds" and with that I just lost it, called her an idiot and that they were bamboo seeds and if she needed proof we got a whole backyard full of them. She didn't believe they weren't cannabis seeds and didn't go to the backyard to check. So I was getting seriously pissed so I just went back to my room and she yelled at me that I needed to take out the she filled up. I completely gave in to her insanity and yelled at her "FUCK YOU AND YOUR TRASH BITCH" then I just shut my door, turned on some music heard her yelling about something over the music(going quantum) and then she left for work, good day ladies and Gentlemen.


The Renaissance Festival

Yesterday I went to the Renaissance Festival of Kansas City, which is actually in Bonner Springs. Got there early enough to watch their opening act before they let everyone into the festival. I wish there were more things to do that you didn't have to pay money for, but it still is an awesome place to go and see. I went to a hookah shop and got some funky monkey coca and blue beard tobacco. I do not smoke cigarettes but I would definitely smoke flavored tobacco out a hookah everyday. It gives this calm relaxing feel and you have a little high going on in your head. If you haven't been you should try it at least once, I plan to attend every year now. Just a side note here I am 18(keep in mind the beard) and was never once asked for my ID, yes there is beer and wine there. Not that those two before mentioned items relate to one another just found it interesting.

If that doesn't get you excited there are all kinds a women there dressing up that work there and those that are doing it for fun. I saw more red heads there than I have ever seen in my life. So to conclude go to the renaissance festival, smoke tobacco, drink what you like, look at bitches with their boobs pressed up, talk to redheads and Asians(if your me), buy cool clothing, weapons, and accessories.


Monkeys Control Virtual Bodies!!!!

Check this out, in this article scientists found a way for monkeys to control a virtual body and even to tell the difference between textures in the virtual world!


Hair and Beard; Mornings

So about two months before school started I decided to grow out my hair and beard. I felt amazing when my beard finally came in(I comb it daily). Anyways on another note I really like mornings but never go to bed early enough to have energy when I wake up. I usually go to be about midnight and wake up at 6:00. Coffee is best in the morning .


Stubborn Teacher.

In my networking class discussing how anonymous isn't going to do anything that will disrupt or damage anything. He is a very opinionated person and refuses to budge from his position on things. I do not disagree with him though the likely hood of them taking down the stock exchange is unlikely. The focus here is he likes to have class discussions but is unwilling to entertain other people's perspectives on the subject. The point being to all of this is that if you wish to have a legitimate argument about something be willing to step out of your own shoes. 


Metal Cells

On September 14 in a lab at Glasgow, UK scientist built cell-like bubbles from metal-containing molecules. Lee Cronin hopes to make them self-replicating and evolving inorganic entities.
The Link

My personal take on this is amazement and concern. I absolutely love that we may have inorganic lifeforms roaming around, but if they do success and the new entities obtain a comparable intellect to our own what guarantee do we have that they will like us? Though setting that aside the use of molecule metal cell-like structures could jump forward any industry that uses metal. Image smart metal that is able to send information to a computer to inform us of the condition of the structure and were immediate attention is needed. 


Hello everyone this the first time I have ever made a blog. I was quite unsure what to actually blog about when I thought about it, but I decided to blog about my interests. This isn't going to be a single viewed description of what I think is what in the world, no. I prefer to to express my liking of my chosen subjects and share what I like about them and to here what others like or dislike about them. I have a broad range of interests so I am sure that I can hopefully provide some enjoyment to whomever reads this. I make no definitive comments on any subject because I am not an expert in almost all the fields of study one would have to be to claim such an answer. Though I can rightly answer some questions about computers, but even in this I am fairly new. I like people's direct opinion on things but try to be civil, unless I have done something that is truly offensive to you. Well that is about it the only thing left is to tell you some topics that will be showing up here. Topics will range from History to current events and personal habits to general interests. Of course all of this will be subjects on witch I have a personal interest in, Thanks for reading.