Hello everyone this the first time I have ever made a blog. I was quite unsure what to actually blog about when I thought about it, but I decided to blog about my interests. This isn't going to be a single viewed description of what I think is what in the world, no. I prefer to to express my liking of my chosen subjects and share what I like about them and to here what others like or dislike about them. I have a broad range of interests so I am sure that I can hopefully provide some enjoyment to whomever reads this. I make no definitive comments on any subject because I am not an expert in almost all the fields of study one would have to be to claim such an answer. Though I can rightly answer some questions about computers, but even in this I am fairly new. I like people's direct opinion on things but try to be civil, unless I have done something that is truly offensive to you. Well that is about it the only thing left is to tell you some topics that will be showing up here. Topics will range from History to current events and personal habits to general interests. Of course all of this will be subjects on witch I have a personal interest in, Thanks for reading.

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