Damn Aunt

So this bitch tells me she is finally getting her shit out of my room. I am at my brothers, so in the process of getting her boxes of shit out she steals my seashells, my bamboo seeds, and does a nice general search in my room for other things to take. Come home next day, get in room and see shit moved around and don't care. You see she goes through my room occasionally to make sure there isn't stuff she doesn't like in there. So I just go to sleep, but over the past few days I noticed that she has been taken things that I own and she has no right over them. So I ask her about the seashells, because she does have her own and they were in my room so I understood that she thought they were hers. So I ask and she says she didn't take them, that they must have fell. I got mad right there because I had already looked around the general area and I am OCD so I fucking know where I put my shit. I didn't feel like pursuing it any further than that because the women in my family when trapped by their own logical fallacies resort to yelling and threatening to call the cops on you. So I just go back to my room and notice that my fucking bamboo seeds are gone. The next day, today actually I asked about 20 minutes ago was were are my seeds. She looks at me like I did something wrong and then stated "The pot seeds" and with that I just lost it, called her an idiot and that they were bamboo seeds and if she needed proof we got a whole backyard full of them. She didn't believe they weren't cannabis seeds and didn't go to the backyard to check. So I was getting seriously pissed so I just went back to my room and she yelled at me that I needed to take out the she filled up. I completely gave in to her insanity and yelled at her "FUCK YOU AND YOUR TRASH BITCH" then I just shut my door, turned on some music heard her yelling about something over the music(going quantum) and then she left for work, good day ladies and Gentlemen.


  1. this reminds me of what scotty said about the respect and the abuse bitch slaps.